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Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus

Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus

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       I can see nothing but the vague features of Allan’s face for the darkness.

     “Don’t be frightened my darlings…” He begins to coo.

     It seems strange for him to say such a thing. After all, we are the only ones in the room… Aren't we? However, a slight rustling behind me and the gentle clinking of metal against metal brings me to the terrifying realization that we are anything but.


    The Kingdom of Eprus is known for its army of Elites. Created by King Dorian the Tyrant over a thousand years ago and equipped with brilliant minds and deadly skill with weaponry, they are a military force to be reckoned with

    Sixteen year old Nyla Fleetwood, enrolled in the Elite School and nearing her graduation, has everything going for her. But, when she fails her graduation tests, her world spirals into a place of turmoil and uncertainty.

    She leaves her only home to wander the land as a nomad before stumbling upon the sleepy little town of Wyndmere. A town with a secret as deep and dark as its vague and mysterious history.

    Little does she know, these things are but the beginning phases of the fulfillment of an age old prophecy. A prophecy to which she quickly becomes the centerpiece…  But can she bear the knowledge of the dark secret that comes with it?