About Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus


     Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus is the first book in the Trilogy Elites, written and self-published by 16 year old Meredith Cole in her senior year of highschool.

     Eprus is the medieval fantasy world of Eclipse. In this world, the capitol, Leydford, is home to the Elite School, where warriors are brought up from infancy and trained. At 16 years of age, the young warriors (or Elites Squires, as they are called) are given a series of rigorous tests which, if they pass, will lead to being knighted an Elite of the King. 

     Eclipse is the story of three Elite Squires; a young woman by the name of Nyla Fleetwood, her beloved, Soren Rainey, and their closest friend and ally, Kieran Evans. Their lives drastically change after Nyla fails her tests and leaves the Elite School forever. However, Soren and Kieran pass, forcing them to remain and be knighted as Elites. 

     Nearly a year later, Nyla stumbles upon a sleepy little village called Wyndmere. The town is little more than a history book and the people who inhabit it are easily frightened and stirred up; they don't take kindly to strangers, either. But Nyla meets and makes friends with Gracie Randall, the owner of Wyndmere's only inn. Things seem to be going well enough... That is until she stumbles upon the town's darkest secret. 

     Two weeks afterwards, Soren and Kieran are commissioned by the King of Eprus. Their mission? To discover the origins of the fire that burned down Castle Wyndmere. 


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