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The Dream That Became Reality

A little over a year ago, Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus didn’t exist. It wasn’t even an idea; Not even a thought.

Completely and totally non-existent.

Then, it happened.

A dream… I usually dream every night, but I rarely remember what they were even about when I wake up and, when I do, the images are usually very vague or distorted. But this dream was real. Really real. The most vivid and fantastic dream I’ve ever had in my entire life.

I jolted awake, breathless. It was 5am. For over an hour, the dream kept me up as I lay in bed and rolled it through my thoughts over and over and over again. The sun started to peek over the horizon and I thrust aside all else to get up and jot down every detail.

Later that week, we went out for a picnic lunch with some families we knew. Amongst them was a close friend, who shares my passion for writing. When I shared the dream with her, I was surprised to see she was just as captivated and excited as I was. Naturally, we both went with writing instinct, brought out some notebooks, and wrote out the entire dream. It left us both spellbound.

The next time I went over to her house to spend the night, we worked with the dream, coming up with as many scene ideas as we could and writing it down every avenue we could come up with, searching for the story’s voice and purpose in this world. That day, we both agreed it was more than just a dream… It was a story that should be told. That needed to be told.

A few weeks later, we had a basic outline… A month after that, the first rough draft came to be. And Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus was born. Now that the story is written and published, I often think back to that early time in this story’s development. I was working on two other stories that I wanted to publish. I kept developing and digging, but as time went on, they just didn’t feel right. I just kept getting this sense that the timing for them was just off. Slowly, I began to slip away from writing as a hobby.

Then… BAM!

I have a dream.

And my life changes forever.

Eclipse quickly became my primary story. All I thought about, all I ever wanted to do, was just write about it. My friend and I texted each other back and forth for weeks on end, bouncing ideas, brainstorming, and growing the story bit by bit. Both she and my mom read through the book in its early stages, giving me new insights and cutting years off the editing and rewriting time of the story.

6 months into the writing, I was on my fourth draft. I absolutely loved it! But the story wasn’t enough for me. I kept thinking, It can’t be over… I’m missing something. There’s got to be more to this story! For two weeks, I hardly wrote at all. But I kept thinking and praying about it. I explored new alleyways, feeling my way through each nook and cranny, searching for the missing element that I believed would bring balance to the story.

It wasn’t long before an idea hit me. A marvelous idea! And that idea led to another… And another… And another.

Next thing I know, I’ve gone from writing a Novel, to planning an Epic in just a few moments time! After a week of trying to write the Epic, I loved the story even more… But now I felt like it was just too much to take in all at one time. By and by, I realized my story wasn’t really Epic material. Thus, the decision to turn it into a Trilogy was made. 

I finished writing and editing Eclipse June 31st, 2017 at 8:13am and dubbed it the first book in my Elites Trilogy… And began writing the second book, Creatures, Deepening Darkness, immediately thereafter.

A few days later, I hired a graphic designer and we took our time, coming up and with and creating the cover. Over that time, my parents helped me research printing companies, then I started putting back savings for the print cost.

Now here I am, hardly a month later, a published author… Only yesterday, I received an email telling me that my books have been accepted into Barnes and Nobles and Amazon stores; on September 18th, my books will be available to order around the world from two of the biggest book industries in the world! The irony in all of that is that, during my last trip to Barnes and Nobles, the thought did cross my mind that it would be amazing to see my books on those very shelves some day. But I remember quickly shoving it down. You’re self published; No way that’s ever gonna happen.

Yet here I am.

God has been so good to me through this time. He has guided me through the story and given me the resources I’ve needed to complete and publish it. Since He is the reason that this story came to be, I want to glorify Him through the writing of it. Therefore, Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus is religiously themed and includes a strong gospel message which touches upon many deep theological issues of our day. 

All through this time, though it’s been a long (and often laborious!) journey, this story has remained my passion. It is special to me in ways no other story ever has been… And I enthusiastically anticipate its release because I believe it will also be special to many of you.

In Christ,

Meredith Cole


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  • I love your new web site! I am so very proud of you and all the hard work you have put into it. I have a feeling God has great things still waiting for you.

    Abby miller
  • Blessings to all of you guys too, Maggie; Lots of love coming your way!

    Meredith Cole
  • Seriously couldn’t be more proud of you, and SO excited to see what Jesus has in store for you. Blessings, Maggie and all of us from down here. (and I can’t wait to read it!)

    Maggie P

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