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Spoiler Alert!

Before you get too caught up reading this post, I must warn you that it contains spoilers from my book Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus. Those of you who have not read the book should not read this post [shame on you if you are like me and read it anyway! ;)]

Today, I am finally able to share with you the true story of the creation of Eclipse, Shadows of Eprus...

It all began when I was nearing my sixteenth birthday. Usually, I don't dream much. When I do, images are vague and I feel detatched; sort of lost. But this dream was different... Vivid and emotional. Full of meaning and power. And here it is...


I stood at the very edge of a clearing in a thick forest. Turning, I saw a girl with hair like midnight and a black cloak waving in the wind, standing at the clearing's center. A longbow was in her hands. I could not see her face. 

Seconds later, a strange noise ahead startled me. It was the sound of footsteps... Looking up, I saw a young stag. The girl drew back her bow in an instant, staring the animal down. I sensed her fear; but, upon seeing the stag, she slowly relaxed. The animal was beautiful. It seemed to embody light and hope itself. 

I jumped as a scream ripped through the forest. The stag turned and fled. Seconds later, a dirty young girl with blonde hair and a small boy with dark hair bounded out of the trees, pleading for help. They cowered behind the girl with dark hair, who turned to look confusedly at them, allowing me a single fleeting glimpse at her face. She was beautiful, but broken too. 

Then the forest seemed to darken. A sound, like the pitterpatter of many, many feet filled the forest. With the growth of the noise the shadows multiplied. I felt true terror. Suddenly, hundreds of beings burst from the treeline and into the open, surrounding the threesome. The girl drew back her bow. Somehow, I knew she had seen these things before... Then I awoke. 

Those beings were none other than the creatures, which contribute much to the story's tenions. Yes; I saw them with my own eyes. The terror I felt as I looked upon them for the very first time has not yet passed for me. The very thought is sometimes enough to give me chills...

The dark haired girl is none other than Nyla Fleetwood and the two children are, of course, Tilly and Nico Randall. These were the first characters; the original three who began the tale. As the plot thickened, Soren and Kieran were tossed into the mix. The first scene I wrote containing Soren and Kieran was actually the commissioning scene I used in a previous post as a chapter reveal.  

After Soren and Kieran, a need arose for a weaker character, whom I dubbed Gracie... Then came Allan, labeled the creator of the creatures... It wasn't long before Chalice brought her knowledge to the table... And so on. Before long, this single scene had sparked an entire book's worth of other scenes, which began what is now The Elites Trilogy. 

Through the creation of this story, I have learned so much; through its publication, I have met so many wonderful people! I pray that it will continue to bless others, as it has blessed me, for many, many generations to come. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post today. The Lord bless you always!

In Christ,

     Meredith Cole


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