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Defeating the Dreaded Description

I've had a lot of writers come to me, asking about description. It's a difficult thing to master. Many are intimidated by it... It's easy to be! Writers who are truly good at it can give their readers a perfect sense of what they see before them without boring them; a beautiful thing to witness, a scary thing to attempt. Don't let the enemy win! You can tackle your dread and write beautiful descriptions in your sleep with these simple tips.  


1: Study poetry

The key to your reader’s heart is evoking an image and an emotion in them. Making them see something in a way they never saw it before. Being able, not only to show them emotions and feelings, but make them feel it as well! A good writer can do this in a single sentence; maybe even a handful of words. Imagery and emotion are even more so a part of poetry. Study poetry and try to apply it to your work. It’s very helpful.

2: Study other writer’s

Read the work of other greats. See how they describe things. Try your hand at it!

3: Keep a journal

Write about all the things that make you feel something. Beautiful, sad, happy, angry… All of it. Do your best to capture the emotions you feel in words. You can use what you write later, but the practice will also eventually leak into your work all by itself. Especially if you keep this up daily.

4: Think it through

Try something new! You want to capture a feeling of excitement? Do something exciting! Disgust? Try something gross! Then, write about it! Grab that feeling and don’t ever let it go. 

5: Keep it simple

Don't over do it. You're reader doesn't necessarily need to know every shade of color in the sunset, or the smallest taste differences in food. They've experienced those things. They just need enough to see... Their imaginations will do the rest.   

I hope you found this helpful and fun! Thank you so much for taking a peek! 
     I love hearing from you! Don't hesitate to comment below if there is any particular subject you would like me to address in my next post. How have you defeated your dread of descriptions? 
     Thanks for the read! 
     Meredith Cole

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