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4 Easy Ways To Inspire Yourself


It can be so elusive. Every writer has their turn with this difficulty... The coffee is piping hot, the computer is warmed up and rearing to go, your desk is clean, and words are in fresh supply. 

But what in the world are you supposed to write?!

You can do one of two things... Stew and gripe and moan and weep over the blank screen, waiting for a random flash of genius that will likely never come. Or you can DO something about it! 

Creativity is wily and slick. One second there, the next second... POOF!


Just like that. 

The good news is you can catch it. The even better news? It is far easier than you think. 

Here are the top four things I myself do whenever I am in a creative slump...


1: Brain Dumping

More commonly known as freewriting; However, I prefer the term braindump because of the wonderful imagery it gives me. 

Sometimes, your latest-and-greatest inspiring thought is crowded out by all those other thoughts running through that lovely little head of yours. This activity is specifically designed to push aside everything that will distract from writing so you can get the beautiful thoughts that matter onto that page and into your works!

For at least twenty minutes, sit down in a quiet place with a pen and some paper. Dump every thought that comes into your head onto that page; vomit up even the tiniest flickers. It doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't have to be legible. It doesn't have to meet any criteria.

It just has to be. 

Get it all out... Every single thing parading through your head. The tasks you have to complete this week... That project you know you have to work on, but really don't want to... Work. School. Home. How much you love coffee. That thing your best friend does that never fails to make you smile.

Whatever is on your mind, not pertaining to writing. 

Now, in order for this process to work properly, you may NOT read over ANYTHING you wrote down. Close the journal. Throw away that page. Whatever you've got to do. 

I generally find that my mind is clear and fresh after a good, long braindump session. It empties your mind of all thoughts aside from writing or your Work In Progress (WIP).


2: Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful tool for inspiration! Probably my favorite... There is no lack of ideas and exciting new concepts awaiting you there!

I am (mainly) a fantasy writer, so I find images such as dragons, unique landscapes, and odd people incredibly interesting...

I have a Characters Board where I pin all sort of images of different people; people working and playing, smiling and crying, living and dying. I also have a World Building Board where I pin pictures of quaint little towns, abandoned castles, spooky forests, or intersting hideaways. These are just a few examples of the many things you can do with Pinterest. 

Mostly dependant upon preferred genre and writing style, boards will certainly differ writer to writer... Just go with whatever strikes your fancy.

You could start a Dystopia Board if that is your thing, or a History Board if you want to get into historical fiction... Maybe a Mythology Board if you are planning on becoming the next Rick Riordan... 

It really doesn't matter. The potential is endless here.


3: Writing Prompts

Google Writing Prompts. 

Fantasy prompts. Fiction prompts. Dialogue prompts. Character prompts. Photo prompts.

All prompts; any prompts.

You can either commint yourself to working with the first one that you lay eyeballs on, or you can look around a little bit to find one that feels just right. Either way, it usually will get things flowing. It may even uncover your next awesome novel idea!


4: Getting Into Nature

Take a break. 

Go outside. Stop and smell the roses. Seriously! Touch the dew on the grass. Taste the apples in the orchard. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your cheeks. Watch the storm roll in and the sun rising. Take a pleasant stroll in the woods or on a walking trail...

Often times, this will make me feel more motivated to write than anything else.


Well, there you have it... It really is that easy. I challenge you to try these out the next time you are feeling that creative slump.  

I love hearing from you! Don't hesitate to comment below if there is any particular subject that you would like for me to address in my next post! Also, feel free to share how these ideas have worked for you or if there is anything in particular that inspires you...

Thanks for the read!


     Meredith Cole


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